Family & General Dentistry

Family & General Dentistry

Our dental team is committed to helping you attain the bright and beautiful smile you deserve.

Family & General Dentistry

At Brechin Dental, we understand the importance of dental care for every member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest:

  • Children need to learn healthy habits from a young age. Your child is ready for that first trip to the dentist as soon as all of the baby teeth have arrived. We usually recommend a visit at about age 3. We make dental visits fun for kids so they can learn about oral health without being intimidated.
  • Teenagers often let nutrition slip, which, in combination with other lifestyle changes, can affect their oral health. Regular visits are essential to avoid problems in adulthood.
  • At some point, adults start seeing their age reflected in the appearance of their teeth. In addition to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, many adults begin discussions with their dentist about cosmetic treatments.
  • Seniors have special needs as aging, dry mouth and some diseases and medications affect oral health. Denture wearers also need regular checkups to ensure gums remain healthy.

Preventive Brechin Dental helps every member of your family maintain excellent oral health throughout life. Contact us to schedule a consultation about dentistry services for yourself and your children. Remember that regular checkups not only keep teeth clean, they offer the best way to ensure that problems are identified and treated early.

Regular visits with your dentist keep your mouth in top condition. We’re here to help you plan the ideal schedule for maintaining or improving your oral health. Contact us today to learn more.

Brechin Dental

We offer all of the dental services you need for a healthy, beautiful smile. From hygiene treatments to cosmetic dentistry to implant dentistry, we can provide you the treatments you need to ensure optimum oral health.




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